Don’t have a domain yet, or need a new one?  We have partnered with NameSilo above for your domain registration needs. 

One of the reasons we think they make a great partner is all ‘add-ons’ such as WHOIS Privacy (important), Email Forwarding, Domain Defender Protection (important), Custom WHOIS Records, and DNS Management are always 100% free!

Already own your domain, and simply wish to use it with one of our hosting plans?  Simply put it on our hosting order form, and update the name-servers to the ones we provided on your welcome e-mail.

We’ve Provided Some Domain Purchasing Tips Below

  •  Don’t just go purchasing random domain names right off the bat. Researching the name is very important. For example, see how popular the domain name you want is by searching for it online and in social media. Check to make sure another business hasn’t copyrighted a product or service related to the name you chose.  Is the name too common? Not common enough?  Taking time to research will save you time, money, and possibly frustration.
  • Shorter is better. Try to keep it around 12-13 characters, at most. For example, notice how is only ten letters?
  • Make sure it is easy to type and easy to remember, but gets your point/product/service across.  For example, our website has ‘host‘ in it (our product/service), and ‘zodiac‘ is our gimmicky short name that customers remember us by)
  • Try to stick with .coms.  Even though there are dozens of ‘vanity’ top level domains you could choose from–in reality–most people are going to assume your domain will end in .com.  Another good alternative to try is using .net instead.  Failing that, you may also try .co, or .us options sparingly.
  • Typically try to avoid uncommon slang terms or keywords that could be offensive, confusing, or likely to change meanings over time.
  • Avoid using hyphens or numbers in your domain name.  It looks tacky, and can be confusing for others to remember.
  • Watch out for scammers/spammers:  If you are new to domain registration options it may be worth looking into domain locking and domain privacy options a domain registrar may offer.
  • Enjoy yourself, have fun, and be creative! Finding the perfect domain name is part of the enjoyment of making a website